American Psychiatric Association to Endorse Ketamine for Depression?

A recent piece in the Washington Post is worth a look.  This is a well-researched, balanced look at ketamine for treatment-resistant depression thankfully devoid of the sensationalism that so often plagues news articles about ketamine.  The key takeaway is that the American Psychiatric Association has formed a ketamine task force which seems headed toward an endorsement of the drug for treatment-resistant depression.  The Post article has generated a lot of discussion on social media, and rightly so.  The article quotes Dr. Enrique Abreu, one of the early pioneers in the use of Ketamine for mental health conditions (you can see Dr. Abreu in the photos that accompany the article).  Learn more about Dr. Abreu and his clinic here.  And Dennis Hartman, who continues to be a tireless advocate for ketamine as an effective treatment for depression, is also quoted in the article.  I admire Dennis for continuing to allow his personal story to be told for the benefit of others.