New york city ketamine infusions | ketamine for depession & pain in NYC

Our ketamine clinic is not only one of the country’s most trusted clinics—we also offer the country’s most affordable ketamine infusions. Starting at only $350 per infusion, Vitalitas Denver offers the lowest priced ketamine infusions in the United States. With other clinics charging $500-1,000 per ketamine infusions, traveling to our clinic could save you significantly on the depression treatment or pain management solution you need. Even with the added cost of travel and lodging, many patients find our clinic to be the most affordable option for ketamine infusion therapy.

To make traveling to our clinic even more accessible to those coming from New York City, we have partnered with several local area hotels to offer discounted lodging and complimentary transportation to and from our ketamine clinic. Patients from all around the country travel to our clinic to receive ketamine infusions—request a free consultation and find out how we can help you plan a trip to our clinic.

Amazing staff who genuinely cares about their patients, as opposed to other ketamine clinics that seem to only care about profit. Very reasonable prices compared to another clinic very close to me. It’s cheaper to fly into Denver, rent a car, receive treatment, and fly back home than to just go to the clinic within driving distance of me—and they’re not nearly as friendly or caring as Vitalitas.

P.S. Ketamine literally saved my life.
— Justin Selsor, Google Review

Vitalitas Denver is one of the country’s leading providers of ketamine for depression and pain. Our clinics are run by highly experienced anesthesiologists who keep patient safety and comfort as their #1 priority. We use state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, and maintain a relaxing, soothing environment at our ketamine treatment center. Whether you travel to our clinic from NYC or anywhere else in the country, we promise to deliver the most positive experience possible.


The lowest priced ketamine infusions in the country, starting at only $350.

A free consultation is available to all new patients—request yours today!


Traveling to us is easy with discounted lodging and free transportation to our clinic.


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Whether you're from NYC or any other part of New York state, consider Vitalitas Denver for your ketamine treatments. We treat patients from all around the country—many of whom travel long distances to receive infusions at our ketamine clinics. Watch our Fox News feature story and learn more about our Colorado-based ketamine clinics, and the results our patients have achieved.