Ketamine Treatment Prices

How much does Ketamine therapy cost?

Our price is one of the lowest in the U.S. for ketamine infusions.  

Why?  Because we are committed to making this revolutionary therapy available to as many people as possible.  

Ketamine Infusion Prices: Forty minute infusions for psychiatric conditions are priced at $350 per treatment.  

If you are interested in ketamine therapy for pain, please visit our Pain web page on this site to learn more about our longer infusions which have a different pricing structure.  

We recognize that, despite our commitment to keep our pricing as low as possible, it can still be a financial stretch for many to afford ketamine infusions. Rest assured that we will very carefully evaluate your response to treatment and recommend against further infusions if the benefits are not apparent. 

Financing:  We offer several financing options.  Even those with stressed credit can qualify.  If interested, please call us to learn more.

Insurance:  Insurance companies most likely do not cover ketamine treatments at this time, but you are welcome to apply for reimbursement, and we will provide you the necessary documents to do so. We remain hopeful that insurance companies will soon join the legions of others who recognize the tremendous effectiveness of ketamine as a treatment for depression and other mental health disorders, and will soon begin covering this depression medication.