There is hope for those suffering from depression and chronic pain in Sandy, UT. Our ketamine infusion centers, located in Denver and Westminster, CO, treats patients suffering from a wide variety of psychiatric and pain conditions. We offer the lowest-priced ketamine infusions in the country, starting at only $350 per infusion. Traveling to our clinic from Utah is fast and affordable, with round trips flights available from as low at $77. To make our clinic even more accessible to those traveling, we have partnered with local area hotels to offer discounted lodging and complimentary transportation from your hotel to our infusion center. Our low prices, combined with affordable travel and discounted accommodations, can save you a significant amount of money on ketamine infusions—even with the cost of traveling.

My son has been plagued with severe depression most of his life. Having consulted numerous professionals over many, many years, we tried nearly everything known to mankind: hospitalization, outpatient programs, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, every prescription medication out there...but without improvement to his mental state. I had been researching alternative therapies for depression and was referred to Dr. Langston for ketamine therapy for my son. While he may never be completely “healed” of his depression, my son is nearly a new person. Without having encountered any “side effects,” and seeing significant results after just his fourth infusion, he is now leaving the isolation of his bedroom: venturing out, working on college applications, and making friends. Needless to say, we owe our lives to Dr. Langston for helping us through this difficult stage.
— Angie, Google Review

Vitalitas Denver has performed thousands of ketamine infusions, and seen countless lives change as a result. Our team of anesthesiologists is highly experienced in ketamine administration, and keeps patients safety and comfort as their #1 priority. Our goal is to provide you with a calming environment, and keep you feeling safe and comfortable during your infusion.


Starting at only $350, we offer the lowest-priced ketamine infusions in the U.S.

Free consultations are available to all new patients—request yours today!


Enjoy discounted lodging and free transportation during your stay in Colorado.


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If you live in or around Sandy, Provo, or Salt Lake City, UT and are suffering from depression or chronic pain, consider traveling to our Colorado ketamine clinics for ketamine treatments. We treat patients from every corner of the United States. Watch our Fox News feature story and learn more about our clinic and why patients are willing to travel long distances to receive infusions at Vitalitas.