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Ketamine infusions change the lives of many suffering from psychiatric disorders and chronic pain conditions. However, with an average price tag of $500-1,000, ketamine may be inaccessible to patients who might benefit immensely from the treatments. Our Denver area ketamine clinics charge only $350 per ketamine infusion—even with the added costs of travel and lodging, many patients save a significant amount of money when they chose to receive care at our clinic rather than a more expensive local clinic.

Vitalitas is more than just a source of affordable ketamine infusions, though. Our clinic is one of the country’s most highly rated clinics, employing a team of highly experienced anesthesiologists and leveraging state of the art monitoring equipment to ensure patient safety and comfort throughout the ketamine infusion experience.

Absolutely amazing experience! Dr. Langston came highly recommended, and both he and the clinic exceeded my expectations. They got me in quickly and made the process extremely easy. They even came in on a Sunday to work around my schedule. I was nervous going into my first treatment, but Dr. Langston took his time to answer my questions and make me feel at ease. He is extremely professional and personal. After several years of trying numerous other treatments, I started feeling relief within hours of my first ketamine treatment. If you’ve been considering ketamine infusions, call Vitalitas!
— Ryan Donovan, Google Review

Traveling to our ketamine clinic from St. Paul, MN is easier than ever. Because so many patients travel long distances to receive ketamine infusions at our clinic, we’ve partnered with local area hotels to offer discounted lodging and complimentary transportation to and from our clinic. We want ketamine infusions to be as accessible and affordable as possible, so those suffering can receive the care they need to reclaim their lives.


At $350 per ketamine infusions, our clinic is the country’s most affordable.

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Whether you're from St. Paul, Minneapolis or or any other part of Minnesota, consider Vitalitas Denver for your ketamine treatments. Patients travel long distances to receive treatments at our ketamine clinic. Watch our Fox News feature story and learn more about us, and the incredible results our patients have realized through ketamine infusion therapy.