Why choose us for ketamine infusions?

We’ve performed more than 4000 infusions here in the Denver area. Our experiences have repeatedly reinforced to us that the healing ketamine can bring resides far more in the ketamine itself than in the physician infusing it. We humbly accept this reality. Our obligation is to use the most rigorously scientific approach based upon high-quality published studies, infused with our own experiences at Vitalitas. It is our priority to be fair and honest in providing an estimation of the potential results each patient can hope to achieve.

There are many clinics that have chosen to take care of their patients without a physician’s presence.  We will never make this compromise.  Ketamine is an anesthetic.  Ketamine infusion therapy is given in a non-hospital setting, which increases potential risks.  Safety is of upmost importance to us and should be for you and your loved one as well.  

With this in mind, Vitalitas Denver takes all the steps necessary to ensure that during your ketamine treatment you are cared for in a manner consistent with best practices – our training as physician anesthesiologists will allow no less.  You will be closely monitored throughout your infusion to assure your safety and to allow us to make the delicate adjustments necessary to maximize Ketamine's effectiveness while minimizing side-effects.  

Convenient Hours

We know how hard it can be to schedule around work and family commitments, so we offer evening appointments.  Give us a call to learn more.