Why choose us for ketamine infusions?

Ketamine, while potentially life-changing, is not a drug one should administer in a casual manner. With this in mind, Vitalitas Denver takes all the steps necessary to ensure that during your ketamine treatment you are cared for in a manner consistent with best practices – our training as physician anesthesiologists will allow no less.  You will be closely monitored by a trained anesthetist throughout your infusion to assure your safety and to allow us to make the delicate adjustments necessary to maximize Ketamine's effectiveness while minimizing side-effects.  

We are firmly against a one-size-fits-all approach.  Close monitoring, dosage adjustments and your ongoing ready access to our physicians are what enable the high level of customization we offer, and that leads to better outcomes and greater peace of mind for you.  


Our commitment to you:

  • Anesthesiologist-led care before, during and after your ketamine treatment
  • State of the art vital sign monitoring--continuous blood pressure, heart rhythm and blood oxygen level assessments
  • The ability to rapidly treat any resultant nausea with an intravenous dose of anti-nausea medication
  • Your IV gently started by a physician anesthesiologist